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Spouse Visa

An individual can join their spouse or partner who is a citizen or permanent resident of another country with the help of a spouse visa, also known as a marriage visa or a partner visa. This category of visa is created to make it easier for families to reunite and to allow partners or married couples to live together in the host nation.

Valid marriage or partnership

The applicant must present documentation of a legally binding union or partnership accepted by the immigration authorities of the country of residence. This can include a marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate, or evidence of a recognized de facto relationship.

Relationship documentation

The applicant and the sponsoring spouse or partner will need to provide evidence of their genuine and ongoing relationship. This can consist of pictures, correspondence, bank account statements, trip itinerary, or any other records that show their shared life and devotion.


The sponsoring spouse or partner may need to provide proof of suitable accommodation for the applicant in the host country. This might be a letter of invitation, a rental contract, or ownership papers for real estate.

Spouse visas enable married couples or partners to live together abroad and help maintain the family unit. They often come with particular rights and advantages, including as the opportunity to work or study in the host nation. However, it is necessary to comply with the terms and conditions of the visa and the immigration rules of the host nation to maintain legal status.